OMG helps you to lose weight...and then helps you to keep the weight off!
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Raise Your Eating IQ with 3 Chews per Day
Easy Convenient – only 3 Seconds per Day

Know What’s Healthier Than Kale?
A Good Relationship With Food

OMG encourages and enables a healthy relationship with food as it is advantageous to serotonin levels and teaches us to only learn to eat employing a higher “Eating IQ”.

OMG is a simple way to put a natural supplement into your body that can teach you to overcome “THE EVILS OF OVEREATING” as it maintains serotonin levels and reminds us to only eat what is needed.

When chewed 20 minutes before meals, OMG contributes to raising your Eating IQ by reducing the triggers that make it hard for you to “just say no” to eating more food than you need.

Traditional diets demand considerable amounts of time and energy. OMG is a near-zero lifestyle effort that can let you spend less time conforming to time-wasting diet regiments, pop a piece of OMG which takes only seconds a day.

OMG is not just gum… it is a Hi-Tech FUNCTIONAL GUM that attacks hunger as soon as you begin chewing! OMG can help you to train yourself to stop overeating.

Studies show that chewing gum can increase levels of focus and concentration and enhance multitasking capabilities, studies available to verify these facts.

Fun, easy to use, delicious, zero sugar, gluten-free conveniently delivered FUNCTIONAL GUM…SAY GOODBYE TO DIET PILLS, chalky shakes and precooked tiny meals.

OMG is a lifestyle product that can help you lose weight and then makes it Easy to keep the weight off.

OMG Advantages Can Enhance Lifestyle Choices

OMG can help you teach yourself to not overeat which can cause significant results…  if you have a healthy diet and exercise regularly OMG works best.

OMG is also a great time management product that will allow you to spend less time in the gym and more time doing things you love most. OMG enhanses most everyone’s ability to multitask… especially if ou can “Walk and Chew Gum”

In addition, there are many other benefits of chewing gum : improved oral hygiene, increased focus in most people, exercises jaw-facial-neck muscles (most top models chew gum every day) and freshens breath significantly.

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